Simple Guide To Starting An SEO Business

Associates estimates that the SEO services industry is worth $ 80B in 2020 so it is no wonder why there are always emerging SEO agencies vying for market share.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through 13 steps to start your own SEO agency based on lessons from working Digital Marketing Company Newcastle with more than a thousand SEO agency – our main customer types in .

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Ask any owner of the agency, and they will tell you to run your own agency requires a lot of hard work and dedication but it can be very rewarding. It gives you the freedom to do what you want to do and work with the type of clients you want. Its high growth industry and we are pleased to be able to play some role in the success of many SEO agencies around the world.

Before launching your SEO business

Step 1: Figure out your position

If you do a quick  on Google for “SEO agency” you get 2.2 million results. Positioning your agency is different with a unique selling proposition will be important to your survival in the vast sea of ​​competitors.

We’re assuming you do not have a deep SEO experience to capitalize on the early stage of your journey, and fought on price is not a long-term winning strategy. For that, we recommend going niche and target specific industries or types of clients.

You must choose the appropriate target industry to your strengths. For example, if you have previously worked as a marketer for the eCommerce business, then you can focus on providing SEO services for eCommerce clients.

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Targeting a specific industry or type of client is preferred because it levels the playing field and provide a big competitive advantage over traditional SEO agencies who work for anyone.

In this example, you might highlight on your website how the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly, and talk about how your goal is to help your clients ride the waves, and dominate their niche:

These institutions store displays they have worked with and they also specifically stated that they help companies eCommerce “grow their brand” and “improve their bottom line”:

In addition, the agency also highlighted that they are a Magento Solution Partner and  Plus technology partner that will certainly help them appeal to their target customers:

Here’s another example: SEO agency that works exclusively with restaurants. Their site talks about the restaurant industry pain points and focus on local SEO battle, which is a smart move:

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In addition, they also reference specific statistical restaurant, which makes the content and the field is very relatable to their target audience. The institute sound like they really “get it”. It is strong because every business owners think their industry is unique, industry-specific so that it becomes immediately position you as an expert.

Step 2: Build your SEO knowledge

Obviously, you should have a decent amount of expertise before starting an SEO consultant – you want to serve your future clients well, and also your own site’s ranking in Google.

At this point, you may be wondering … it was absolutely necessary for me to learn about SEO? Can I hire an SEO expert and get them to do the job?

It’s best to get your hands dirty and really learn how to do your own SEO. Hiring an SEO expert (real expert!) Do not come cheap, and it will affect your cash flow. Even if you go into this with your pocket and you have money to burn, consider the fact that you will be far less convincing than a seller in a client meeting without the knowledge of SEO depth.

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But as digital skills, SEO is complex and constantly changing. This is not something that can be learned Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle quickly. It takes a lot of hands-on time, trial and error and continuous iteration.