How to Improve E-Commerce Landing Pages With Paid Advertising Data

Paid advertising plays an important role in the success of e-commerce. When it comes to getting eye on Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford the landing page of your site, multiple marketing channels offering quick results and at a reasonable initial investment.

Of course, super-scalable content marketing, and direct email marketing can offer fantastic returns. But the problem is, this channel is assumed that you are prepared to play the long game.

Meanwhile, the majority of e-commerce business will find themselves in a position where they want eyes on their site within hours of launching new products. They o may want to take advantage of a good platform ad targeting technology to ensure that they get the right kind of visitors to their landing pages.

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No matter what type of online business you are running, it is important to run a marketing campaign in a variety of integrated channels, to maximize the benefits of each offer. Paid advertising affordable, results almost instantly, and it offers better targeting. There are more obvious benefits, but we’ve hit the big guys here.

But what if we say no more, a little-used gift for paid advertising that some marketers are only now starting to use properly?

While it may not have a direct impact on the conversion, using existing paid ad campaigns to improve your landing page offers an excellent alternative to traditional methods of doing A / B testing

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  • The Importance of A / B Testing in E-Commerce
  • We will not be wasting too much digital ink on this topic, but it still bears mentioning.

Advertising pioneer David Ogilvy was no longer around when the test begins to produce results with an incredible level of detail. But that does not make the famous quote from 1962 about the importance of the less relevant:

If Ogilvy has had access to the tools to monitor user interaction, resulting in mental and click-through metrics level along the way, he has been an advocate greater for it.

Nowadays, marketers can harvest virtually unlimited flow of customer data-interaction through integrated dozens of channels. If we do not use each one for their full potential to see significant opportunities for improvement, we are very damaging to business growth.

It important to note that in this article, we are not referring to his own ad testing. Instead, we take a comprehensive look at how a paid ad campaign can improve the customer experience on your landing page.

UX optimized e-commerce is one of the main factors in the conversion. And no designers, content writers or marketing experts will get it right the first time. Optimization takes time, effort and willingness to listen to what your customers are telling you.

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This brings us to the question of what should be tested. What typical UX elements on the landing page of e-commerce sites that contribute to conversion? Although there is no absolute answer here, industry experts would agree that the following components of the landing page is worth testing:

Caption hero, image product image and placement Call to action (CTA) text, color and placement product description expression of discounts or special offers, the design and placement

a more complete list of e-commerce A / B testing has been created, along with some justification excellent and Digital Marketing Companies Stafford methods on how to test these elements. Doing research on this topic – it worth your time.