How To Get More Value Of Email Marketing : 6 Tips Pro

Email marketing is a very powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. From beginners start-up to establish a global brand, the email is where it’s at. 2.9 billion people around the world have Digital Marketing Company in Stafford an email account. Want to achieve some of them? Here are six great email marketing tips every business needs to consider before launching a campaign.

1. Purpose

What do you hope to achieve from your campaign? Successful email marketing campaigns have a set, clear objectives. This not only makes it easier for readers who open emails quickly understand and digest your marketing message, it also makes it easier for you to understand your campaign results. After all, if your email included some special offers and promotions, how can you be sure which is the most attractive clicks and conversions?

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2. Clarity

If your inbox is crowded, it is likely that your customer’s inbox too. Results? People do not have the patience or the time to read each email marketing they receive. One of the best ways to combat this is to get to the point quickly. Make sure that everything from your subject line for your opening sentence drive home your marketing message.

3. Layout

Often times, people will open the email and skim read the first few sentences before clicking away. Make people want to keep reading to draw them in. Use short, simple sentences and avoid scan using chunky paragraphs.

4. Mobile Friendly

Users are five times more likely to abandon a site that’s not mobile-friendly and great for 56% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. If your email marketing successfully and you attract someone to click through to your website and it is not mobile-friendly, there is a strong possibility that they will leave and your efforts will be in vain.

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As well as a responsive website, it is also important to embrace responsive design in your email. Email with responsive design, get 24% more clicks on your phone.

5. Analyze

To find out how successful your email marketing campaign is, you should be aware of certain key metrics such as open rates and click-throughs. Using the links traced is another useful way to analyze clicks and conversions in Google Analytics. If you are not able to track and analyze your results you would struggle to know what works and what does not.

6. The Subject line

You have created the perfect email marketing campaign complete with a mobile-friendly design, copy killer and attractive deals. There was only one problem: no one who opened your email.

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All too often, businesses spend so much time in the copy and design of their email campaigns that they forget about what the recipient will see first – the subject line. The subject line can make or break your campaign. This is the first thing people see, and if you want to lure people to click on and open your email, it should be interesting and compelling.

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