How To Convert LinkedIn Connections Into A Call And Meeting

In my previous article, trapped in the gap that I talked about about how your generation LEAD LINDEDIIN is useless if you don’t change direction into sales. Of course, you have the best Digital Marketing Company Newcastle sales software on the market, but if you don’t get ROI and convert linkedin connections to calls and meetings, what’s the point?

This is called a sales conversion gap!

To convert linkedin connections into calls and meetings, here is a standard sales conversion process. This process is not for cold leads, so use sales software like to warm their superiority before you try and convert it. Your LinkedIn connection should have been engaged to you and your content so that they are familiar with who you are and what you do. Every business process and sales are different, so take this LinkedIn sales system and tweak it to be yours.

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Step 1: Send a message directly LinkedIn

Prospects have read one of your articles … or visit your website … or open your email … or watch one of your videos. They know who you are and you open their LinkedIn profile in front of you. How do you know this? Because your sales software tells you! Obviously from their profile, they are high-quality prospects … Now it’s time to change the linkedin connection to a call or meeting. Start the process of converting LinkedIn sales by sending it directly linkedin messages as follows:

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The first two sentences from your LinkedIn message must be personal. Research their profile and show them that you have taken the time to get to know them. They praise their awards or volunteer work they have done. Make comments about their background images or their bio. Conversion Contacts LinkedIn into a call and meeting requires you to find something personal who says “Hey, I’m not a spammer, I take the time to get to know you!”

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The next sentence must refer articles / videos / content that you know they have read / watched / engaged. For example, “In my article, I discussed that XYZ is the main problem for engineers like you …”

Finally, ask them about their pain and the extent to which pain affects them. Leave it as a question. The aim here is to get a conversation.

Sales Conversion Secrets: You have read so far so you deserve it … this is our LinkedIn Cheatsheet to help you frame the first LinkedIn message perfectly: Wait 3-7 days.

Step 2: There is no response? Send advanced email

Many LinkedIn prospects will not respond immediately. Don’t be offended, they won’t be your best partner and you won’t change it into a call or meeting overnight. You need to survive. The next step of your search to convert your linkedin contacts into a call and meeting is to send a good ancient email.

You have done most of the work to write emails. Simply copy and paste your message in step 1, just clarify who you are and why you sent it at the beginning of the email. As an example:

Hi #fname, I send a message to you on LinkedIn – if you remember I wrote an article about the pain that you and your industry experienced.

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Some people responded to LinkedIn messages, others responded to email. Amazingly, connection connection LinkedIn into a call and meeting requires direct message linkedIn and good ancient email! Wait 7-14 days.

Step 3: There is no response? Send LinkedIn Voice Message

LinkedIn voice messages will be one of your best tools to help you convert LinkedIn connections into calls and meetings. I discuss this in detail here.

Usually I suggest you don’t send LinkedIn voice messages without permission. In other words, ask them if you can send a quick Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle voice message. This is the only exception for this rule – because they. LinkedIn voice message really helps change LinkedIn contacts into the call and meet