How To Choose A Winning Business Domain Name?

At the launch of Apple back in 1976, Steve Jobs certainly did not think about a domain name but he did not get a single Digital Marketing Company in Stafford aspect of business right naming. Jobs wanted to find a moniker that is commonly used by everyone. Something that will stick to the head of his customers and they will be reminded of his business every time they see it. Today, we know that all his ideas work.

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Choosing a business name is not an easy win. Find available domain for your name only pick is another story. the market is flooded with businesses with similar services and the name and stand seems almost impossible. But you can not slack off with your domain. In the digital era, namely the identity of your business. Here are 5 tips to help you to better brainstorming and come up with a name that is sure to appeal to your customers.

1. Think about your business goals first

When you choose a domain name, you’ll want to stick with it for years to come. Although you can change it later, the possibility of losing your brand identity will loom over your business. So, think about your long-term business goals. Do you just want to make pizza for 10 years? A generic names like Domino has room for expansion but Pizza Hutrestricts brand association with your product. Take all the possible ideas and the goals into account and then start writing the name.

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2. Keyword-centric or not

SEO has long determined that it had the right of popular keywords in your domain name will help your search engine rankings. But the rules are now gradually loses its value. Your visitors may be turned off to see the domain names like “” but they will be connected with “”. However, this does not mean that you actually have to ignore the influence of keywords. Domain “” also works.

3. Take the help of a tool suggestions

Internet is flooded with online domain name suggestion tool that takes your original idea as references and suggested the same name. You can also check their availability directly with the domain and hosting provider to finalize. This suggestion tool can often act as a spark that you need during your brainstorming and fix the name you wrote in your paper. With the advice, “” and become “”, a name that may not come to mind immediately.

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4. Play around with TLDs

Despite the dot-com and dot-net command some authority from SEO perspective but specialized niche TLDs can help you to gather attention. Get creative and consider top-level domains such as dot-eating or dot-restaurant and allow your customers to find out Digital Marketing Companies Stafford what you’re all about just one view. But again, this will limit your business to the restaurant sector whereaswith only dot-com, you can expand to FMCG then as well.

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5. Avoid misspelled domain name

It only creates confusion and your customers may end up somewhere else when they are directly looking for you. Just to get a domain name that you prefer, avoid adding extra “z” for “pizza” and stay away from choosing a similar name already on the market. Your business like, your domain name should be unique as well and you have to find your customers with grammatically correct spelling.