How Much Should I Spend My Business Marketing Online?

Many businesses are hesitant to dip their toes into the world of digital marketing. Many know that they have to do and usually do not have the knowledge or expertise to understand Digital Marketing Company Newcastle where, how and why to allocate resources to specific activities. Perhaps you hire an agency to implement various strategies or bring the resources in-house to grow your online marketing efforts. The first important thing to understand is that there is no one size fits all. Different businesses, different markets and different competitors will require a variety of plans to achieve success. There are several ways you can market your own business online. Most businesses know about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and they never heard of terms like content marketing and remarketing, among others. You know about it, you know it’s hard to do and you do not know how much to spend or if you even have to spend anything. So where do you start?

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The first thing you should do is to analyze your business and understand where your customers are online and what they are doing. It is not good to decide you will start doing SEO campaigns just because you think a high ranking on Google is important. Do not get me wrong most of the time this will be the case. Everything you do must have a business case and a measurable return on investment. Any traffic to your website you can make if you do SEO campaign? How many leads you can generate? If it’s more than you can reach customers through social media channels why you do not target them in this channel is not and it will be more effective?

The great thing about digital marketing is that everything you do can be measured. How much you spend should directly correlate to what you can generate return business from a particular activity. Implement an online marketing plan must be fluid and the period you measure the results and return on should be short to allow adjustment of your plan. There is no point in locking themselves into two years’ worth of SEO before you can even measure if the results of both intangible and tangible are on bottom line growth for your business. The best course of attack is as follows:

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Identify Your Ideal Audience

Identify where you’ll find them online – social media, YouTube, search engines, other websites
Build a complete strategy and invest resources into each channel – SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content
Having measurable goals and reviewable – X amount of growth of traffic to a web site, the amount of lead produced Y for your sales team, sales Z number, At the end of the study period you develop a budget or a plan of ongoing investments to grow your campaign, The more you test and measure your strategy, the better you will be able to assess whether the investment of money into a particular marketing activity worthwhile or not. You may find that your social media marketing in relation to the content you create is to provide a consistent flow of traffic and high conversion rates. The more you refine your audience, the better your conversion rate becomes and the more money you invest the trend should be expected to continue. If paid advertising on search engines is to provide a less desirable outcome increased diversion Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle funds to other marketing activities that appear very. Adapt, learn and grow through continuous measurement, monitoring and reporting.

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The best tool for reporting and management is Google Analytics so learn how to setup Goals so that you can track conversions on your website and where they come from. Using this information you can develop a plan to create a successful digital marketing campaigns.