B2B Brands Take The Stand : 5 Examples Go Beyond Words To ACT

It is never more important for the brand to show goals and connect with what is important for customers. As our Digital Marketing Company Newcastle Lee  who was recently observed on marketers: we can do better than words with action, “we can all agree that there must be a change and that we can all play a role in several ways, big or small, “Calls to act brought to the heart by individuals and the same brand. Here are 5 examples of B2B brands make a difference today by exceeding words and taking action.

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Microsoft Ud for change

Microsoft : The “Ud for Change” initiative Microsoft was announced by the CEO of the company in an email to company employees, also published in a post on the LinkedIn page *.

“We must act. And our actions must reflect the values ​​of our company and directly informed by the needs of the black and African-American community,.

Microsoft has also been publicly published and shared the objectives of the global health crisis front, from the extensive Covid-19 response resource page that detailed many ways the company took action faced by a pandemic, with a special message on its social media profile.

“In Microsoft, we work to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees, trying to protect the health and welfare of the community where we operate, and provide technology, tips, and resources to our customers to help them do the best work when the remote,” The company shares front and Center on its LinkedIn profile.

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Microsoft changes the headquarters closed pandemic, eating facilities together and set it back to the hub which now makes more than 120,000 lunches for children and families through programs including boys and girls, and northwest harvest – Steps that also help support many farmers’ suppliers and local food companies, use up to 65 Microsoft volunteers every day.

LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft also issued a strong support statement for those who called on changes, and followed up by action by making a series of linkedin learning courses about diversity and inclusion available for free.

The company also shares the perspective of black employees on various social media profiles, which states “becoming a strong allied begins with listening, so we share stories to strengthen the perspective of the black community.”

“We must act. And our actions must reflect the values ​​of our company and be directly informed by the needs of the Black and African-American community.” -U.K. Emb (race)

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Responsible technology policy

Expand opportunities : The last two are very important. U.K. was involved in the development of facial recognition and analysis software, but as Krishna’s record, no longer offered the technology. He stated, “U.K. firmly opposes and will not forgive any use of technology, including facial recognition Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle offered by other vendors, for mass supervision, racial profile, human rights violations or freedom that is not consistent with our values ​​and heads School of trust and transparency. “