5 Must Have A Social Media Application For Marketers

As marketers, we all know the drill. Too many things on our to do list, not enough time in the day to get them Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford done. So, when it comes to looking for tools that will save you time and make your life a little easier, we’re all about the technology.

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And for the love of convenience, we’ve compiled a list of social media application we believe is critical for marketers. The thing we’ve factored in while putting this list together, including the popularity of applications, user-friendly navigation and unique elements that will put you ahead of the game – or at least, give a little extra time.

Buffer :

Most marketers will already know about these time-saving tools. Although new applications have emerged with the same function, Buffer remained a favorite. In essence, the buffer is a publishing platform, where you can schedule posts, track the performance of your content and manage your account all in one place. Buffer allows you to schedule posts for weeks, even months ahead, for every social network and posting a queue to be shared at the optimal time for your audience.

The main version of the buffer is free, but you can upgrade in the application, or a browser extension if this is what you want.

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Content  can be a painful task. With, you can search for key words to find the most popular content, related to your search. You can type in your competitor’s domain name and see your most popular content they are posted. This is a great way to get an understanding of what your target audience likes, while also keeping you on top of what’s happening in your industry. You can also customize your search to see the various types of content including, blog posts, and videos. It also shows you the popularity of each piece of content on any social media network. With this information, you can adjust your marketing strategy to meet the needs of your audience.

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Such as Buffer,  allows you to traffic and posting schedule, making it easier for marketers to do more with less social time.  also allows you to protect your brand in the social track messages and mentions. We thought it was the other applications to help with time management.

Reposted :

This app is all about interacting and engaging with user generated content – while giving credit to the author. By using the client application and reposting photos, encourage the formation of communities revolve around a product or service. It is usually best to leave a comment and / or send a direct message asking for permission to publish the photos before doing so, because some people may not want their photos to be shared, so just be aware of it.

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Quik :

This application is a video editing program made by – to help make editing easier. video content representing 74% of all Internet traffic and with a new algorithm Facebook gives Digital Marketing Company Stafford love for video than other content, it’s time to take advantage of the properties of easily digestible, sharable it. allows you to select photos and videos, add transitions and effects, soundtrack, then customize with text, and easily share your finished product.