You have installed the DVD in your player and hit play

You have installed the DVD in your player and hit play

Time and technology You have installed the DVD in your player and hit play go but what is not clear is the way they go. The scribbled gramophone record has been replaced by the eighth track, then the cassette, and now the DVD and I pod. For Christmas I received many DVD movies, boy, do you remember the old days with high quality videos? At that time, I shoved the Neanderthal device into the slot and sat down to watch the movie. Now thanks to the magic of DVDs, you hit the play button, open, and then open again provided you’ve already removed them from their easy-to-open packaging.

You have installed the DVD in your player and hit play

Well I understand that retailers are getting robbed and have to protect themselves but come on these packages are closed against a nuclear catastrophe. We remove the cellophane and then start work on disabling the tape and then removing the safety device. Now when the package is opened, we locate the rubix cube puzzle they used to mount the DVD to the case. Now we are ready to relax and enjoy the movie right?

DVD’S, The Devils Video Devices;

First, what language do you want to hear the movie in? Do you want a wide screen? or letterbox? Want to hear the director’s comments about how hot or cold the weather is while shooting the photo? Do you want to see deleted scenes? Or are you just old and fuddy duddy and just want to see the movie, but not yet oh no, no, no. You should first see the warning that the FBI and INTERPOL give out for you if you do anything illegal with this DVD how to install video devil on kodi. They can’t catch Osama bin Laden but friends know where you live! Now just to be on the safe side, we’ll play it again in French just to make sure the Canadians and Cajuns don’t slip through the cracks.

You know I might buy the illegal copies if they didn’t have all this junk (a hacker tip) because you know what?

You not done yet, in the kids good old days of the days of dinosaurs and videos you could fast forward through the previews but not anymore that circle with a slash through it which used to mean stop now, it means to stop and watch that sucker we command! Ten years from now I might consider re-watching this motion picture but before the movie gods let me in, they should make sure I know Ice Age 2 is now available on DVD.

Absolute arrogance to force you to watch anything on DVD to buy, it’s one thing if I want to watch previews my wife does but I don’t. But bypassing the fast-forward feature during previews is gross arrogance. Imagine you buy book with ads included and you not allowed to open the book until you listen to it and then listen to it again every time you try to open the book!

So, now you have decoded and paid penance to the advertising gods and you are about to relax and watch the movie when the picture freezes and the message CORRECTING DISK ERROR appears on the screen. Sorry, is the disc wrong? How could that happen? So when you’re staring at the frozen picture on your screen, you ask yourself, Well, what now? How long do I have to stare before I take action? You lose patience and try to fast forward, then back, and finally stop. Then the FBI and Interpol and then again in French and then Ice Age 2 Now available on DVD Then scene selection, that’s as cool as watching a good movie!