What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Marketing Agency

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Marketing Agency

Hiring a Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE should be an exciting time for any business. Even if you have been handling the marketing yourself, hiring a professional company on your behalf will make a big difference. This way, you can focus on the business aspects and still get better results. However, this is only the best case scenario. Worst case scenario, a web marketing agency is more trouble than it’s worth and can even set back your progress. So before you hire an agency, consider the following.

Your budget

Whether you’re hiring a Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE or a new receptionist, your budget must always come first. When it comes to marketing, see if you can increase the budget by giving the agency more tasks. For example, if you have someone handling social media for you, updating your blog, sending out email newsletters, etc., you can have your new agency handle those tasks.

Your needs

At the same time, you should be clear about what you actually need from a Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE. You may not even need some of the things I just listed, and therefore shouldn’t pay for them. If you’re confident that you’re doing well with the blog, you can save money unlike the advice above.

You also don’t want to get ripped off with services you don’t need. If your target audience is younger, they may not respond to email newsletters the way older customers would. No matter how good a company claims to be at creating them, it’s not worth wasting a dime on.

Your own results

Every Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE should count SEO among its expertise. So do a Google search for keywords and see where they land. If they don’t show up on the first page, and as high up as possible, what are the chances that they know how to do the same for you (it’s possible, of course; marketing agencies are a dense market, but it’s still worth considering).

Their work

You might forgive them if they don’t stand up to the hundreds of other web marketing agencies competing for Google real estate when they’ve proven they’ve helped others. This is where their resume comes into play. Any Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE agency worth considering should have a resume that clearly shows what they have done for other companies like yours.

However, don’t take the resume at face value. You may need to ask questions like:

  • How long did it take you to achieve these results?
  • What did you charge for them?
  • Are you still employed by the company? If not, why?

Since this is a marketing agency, they know how to sell. This means you need to look very closely to get the answers you want.

The tools used

Performance Guarantees

There are two factors at play in this component. First, you need to know how an agency intends to measure its own performance. In other words, what does it actually want to provide you – objectively. The answer must be specific, as marketing can sometimes slip unnecessarily into vagueness.

Nowadays, online marketing means using a number of different tools. So any Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE worth your time should be familiar with many and use at least a handful of them regularly. Not using tools doesn’t mean they are somehow redundant. Tools like Clickable, Omniture, e-Frontier, and Webtrends all offer tremendous benefits. Anyone who ignores them in web marketing should put a big question mark on your forehead.

It’s also interesting to ask how familiar the applicant is with your company and whether that is reflected in their answer. They should be able to explain where they are taking you in terms of page rank and how that score is affected by your competitors.

The second part, of course, is the guarantee. Your promises don’t mean much if you don’t get assurances. So make sure they tell you what will happen if they don’t reach their goal.

Although it may seem like you are asking or expecting a lot from a Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE you are only interviewing with, I assure you that it is necessary. Otherwise, you could very easily end up paying for a problem.

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