Updating your company’s website

Updating your company’s website

Dealing with website development issues can be an overwhelming task. There are many things your marketing team needs to consider, so many in fact that many of the most important ones never get addressed or get buried under competing interests.

To avoid project paralysis, focus on certain key areas from which all other issues will derive. Whether you are updating your existing website or developing a new web media initiative from scratch, you should ask yourself the following four questions that are essential to answer:

What content should be included?

How should the content be delivered?

How should your website be marketed?

What will visitors remember?

What content should be included?

Content is a function of purpose. Unfortunately, many websites do not have a clearly thought-out, realistic purpose; and orders alone are not a sufficient website goal. Of course, every business needs sales, that’s clear, but sales are the result of all the marketing elements you employ and the extent to which your presentation differentiates you from the competition.

There is a prevailing view that traffic leads to sales; this viewpoint may be true for sites whose economic model is based on merchandise or advertising, but businesses that compete on more than just price or are more than just an excuse to advertise need to be structured around a purpose that is more meaningful and far more compelling than “give me an order or leave me alone.” content marketing services usa

Focusing too much on making your site search engine friendly ignores the fact that when people search for what you do, they will find not only you, but many of your competitors as well. And even if you appear first in the search, that doesn’t stop potential customers from clicking on other organic or promoted listings, or even the numerous Adword links on the side of the page.

The biggest problem businesses face when designing their website is not the amount of traffic generated by search engines, but rather how visitors respond to your content. Are visitors engaged, educated and entertained so that they stay on your site long enough to receive your marketing message, and is that message compelling enough for them to remember it?

There are many misconceptions about advertising content, one of the biggest being that people hate it, but the truth is, what people hate is bad advertising content; qualified customers actually look forward to good advertising because it presents a relevant problem and offers a credible solution in a distinctive, memorable presentation.

If your content doesn’t captivate your audience with a compelling, memorable presentation, you’ll never achieve the goals you set for your website marketing.

How should content be delivered?

We know that the vast majority of people don’t like reading text on a computer screen. Therefore, they look for relevant information and focus on bullet points, captions and headlines, but does this abbreviated information really convey your message? The text on a website is really meant for search engine spiders, which is fine, but how about we pay a little attention to people and think about how they absorb and retain information?

We also know that people are impatient and ready to leave your site at the click of a mouse, often mid-sentence before they even get to the point you’re trying to convey. Your customers are sophisticated media consumers who grew up playing video games and watching TV and are used to making quick decisions based on limited information.

Your audience will be gone in seconds, no matter how compelling you think your content is, if it’s not presented in a media-appropriate way that keeps the viewer’s attention, otherwise your website is nothing more than a glorified yellow page ad.

Audio and video have the potential to convey information in a form and format that engages and sustains the viewer’s interest while leaving a memorable impression. But audio and video will also fail if it is poorly conceived, poorly written, and amateurishly delivered.

How to market your website?

Everyone is concerned about traffic and how to get it to their website. Search engine optimization is just one marketing technique, and one that neglects the impact of content on your audience in favor of getting the attention of search engine robots. By all means build search engine friendly elements into your website, but don’t neglect the human friendly elements either.

Text-based articles on your website are a great way to provide search engine friendly information, but presenting the same information in the form of a professionally produced audio option or a lively video presentation is certainly more memorable. best smm services

An entertaining web media presentation leaves a lasting impression and viewers are more likely to recommend it to colleagues, which in turn boosts your traffic and reputation. Word-of-mouth is the best way to generate qualified traffic, and the best way to generate interest in your website is to make your website presentation a rewarding experience.

What will visitors remember?

In a brick-and-mortar store, visitors are more likely to make a purchase decision on the spot, simply to avoid having to drive halfway across town to save a few bucks, but on the web, jumping from New York to California is as easy as clicking a mouse. People are just more willing to shop around because it’s so easy.

Of course, people think they want the lowest price, but the lowest price only attracts the least profitable buyers and ignores the biggest obstacle website companies must overcome, credibility. Who are you, and can you be trusted? And after visiting ten different websites all selling the same thing, can they even remember who you are?

Your presentation needs to be memorable and convey credibility so that visitors remember and return to your website after all that searching and browsing; your website needs to be the one that visitors can trust to deliver what it promises.

How to Hire a Web Video Company

The ability to create an effective video or audio presentation requires more than just owning cool hardware and software. Owning an expensive camera doesn’t make you a producer, and even having the technical ability to edit doesn’t qualify you to be a marketing expert. What should you look for when hiring someone to add video and/or audio to your website? Below are eight points to look for when hiring someone to create web media.

  • Can the agent host provider deliver a turnkey solution from concept to implementation, or will you have to act as your own producer and hire different people with different skills, complicating the project and causing both technical and conceptual implementation problems?
  • Can the agent-host provider produce everything from the script to the custom music themselves, or will they have to outsource some of the work, increasing costs?
  • Does the agent-host provider understand how to use verbal and visual performance to create a compelling, memorable presentation, or does it substitute expensive production techniques for low-cost psychological persuasion?
  • Does the agent-host provider simply shoot video, or is he able to analyze your offering and goals and translate them into a consistent, meaningful brand presentation?
  • Is the agent host provider able to think both strategically and tactically? Can they implement and repurpose your investment into your existing website, create a targeted mini-campaign website, and provide alternate versions suitable for ad implementation?
  • Is the agent host provider able to create lasting campaigns that can be continued and expanded, or is he only interested in making a quick buck with a one-time promotion? Is he willing and able to be your ongoing web media marketing consultant?
  • Is the agent host provider able to turn advertising into content and content into an experience, or can he only produce unimpressive commercials?
  • Does the agent-host provider understand business, marketing, branding, and what can and cannot be achieved so that you have reasonable, achievable expectations?

Producing commercials requires a variety of skills and talents. Large companies solve the problem by hiring ad agencies, which drive up production costs that most companies can’t afford. If you know what it takes to create an effective Best Web Development Agency in New York, you can look for a company that has all the necessary talent in-house; an approach that keeps costs down while producing an exciting web video campaign that achieves the company’s marketing goals.