Best Stock Software For Small Business In USA 2021

Best Stock Software For Small Business In USA 2021

Stock Software for Small Business is the backbone of the most effective inventory management systems. And now there are thousands of options to choose from Stock Software for Small Business.

How do you know which software is best for your business right now?

Inventory management software is usually made with a specific niche in mind. This means that the best software for your business will depend on your company’s individual needs.

The right software will streamline daily operations and provide valuable information. It does this while ensuring you don’t pay for extra features your business doesn’t need Stock Software for Small Business.

To help you choose the right software, we present 8 of the best inventory management software with a detailed analysis.

Fresh Books

While Fresh Books is known for its accounting systems and software, it also offers simple inventory tracking for freelancers and small businesses with very basic needs.

Whether you only sell a small number of different products or want to start selling physical products on a service business basis, managing even a small amount of inventory takes effort. Especially if you sell through more than two sales channels.

Fresh Books is the perfect solution for inventory tracking if you also use it for accounting.

Fresh Books integrates seamlessly with 2ship and Barcloud to combine your inventory tracking, accounting, shipping and asset management needs. If you already track inventory on Squarespace or Shopify,

 you can automatically pull data from these sites into FreshBooks for better inventory management.

FreshBooks is the perfect solution for those who want to experience the power of inventory tracking software for the first time. It’s also a great solution for those who are still in doubt about whether inventory software is right for them.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a popular small business option for companies with multi-channel sales needs. It supports integration with popular platforms like Shopify and Amazon. This allows you to sync data across different sales channels and makes it easier to manage inventory levels and inventory costs.

The platform also includes the most basic inventory management software features. This makes it an excellent choice for small businesses with simple inventory needs.

The basic features of inventory management software include .

 Inventory management software:

Inventory management software allows companies with multi-channel sales needs to synchronise inventory levels across different sales channels. It also allows you to set reorder points for automatic reordering to maintain optimised stock levels.

 Inventory management

 The stock function allows you to check stock levels, manage stock in more than two warehouses and fulfil orders more efficiently by sending customer orders from the warehouse closest to the customer.

Order management

Order Management allows you to easily manage customer orders. This feature automates all order fulfillment activities, such as converting purchase orders into invoices.

Analysis and reporting

This feature allows you to make informed decisions to meet customer needs. Compared to other options, Zoho offers very simple reporting capabilities.

Analysis and reporting

This feature allows you to make informed decisions to meet customer needs. Zoho offers very basic reporting capabilities compared to other options.

Barcode scanning function

 Barcode scanning helps to improve the efficiency of a permanent inventory management system. It helps to track incoming and outgoing stock in real time.

Another important inventory feature of Zoho is comprehensive inventory tracking. This feature allows you to track inventory items by serial numbers, for example.

Although Zoho Inventory is an affordable option, it does not offer the most customized inventory management solution. Its forecasting and reporting capabilities are also limited compared to many other options.

Zoho Inventory price

Zoho Inventory offers a free, powerful option for those looking to get started. It also offers a 14-day free trial for its other plans, starting at $59 per month with annual billing.


Suitable for small businesses, but businesses looking to expand will eventually outgrow it.


Veeqo is another popular inventory management solution for retail or wholesale businesses with multi-channel sales needs. The software promotes itself as a Warehouse Management System for Small Business and delivery platform.

Like Zoho Inventory

 it has a simple and intuitive platform that brings all your sales channels together in one place so you can easily track and manage everything. It also offers features such as ordering support