Never Miss Out These 8 Things When Planning a Move!

Never Miss Out These 8 Things When Planning a Move!

Have you thought of shifting from Manesar to your newly purchased property, your new home in Nagpur? Well, you must be dealing with a mixed bag of emotions – at times you are feeling excited with the thought, the next moment you feel nervous because there is an immense amount of tasks left to be done. With such an overwhelming scenario, there is a chance of things going out of the way! So, to make sure you do not miss out on the crucial things, we have created this article, focusing on the preliminary tasks that you must fulfill when you decide to relocate. But ahead of that, do reach out to the professionals for help. There are packers and movers in Manesar, you can book before get into reading the 8 never to be missed out on things for a move.

So, let’s get started…

• Plan your packing tasks

You cannot jump into your packing task, without having a proper plan about the same. Why? Because there has to be a process, as some corners and spaces in your room would need more attention and time, while some rooms would be easier to deal with. So, think before you start with the process. Pick one room at a time, finish packing it up and then move to another section.

• About addresses & records

Have you sent out emails to friends, colleagues, and extended family members informing them about your move? If you have not done that yet, make sure you do that sooner. Also, note down your new address in a paper or your notepad, or on your phone and keep it close because you will need them to show, during the move. Alongside, keep the essential documents like passport, license, house and insurance papers, identity proofs, employment papers, medical records, birth and marriage certificates, etc.

• Declutter stuff and decide

You can make your packing task easier if you know exactly what and how much you need to pack for the move. So, inspect everything closely, and sort out stuff to decide which ones are worth moving to your new home. Discard the rest of the items that seem of no use, donate things that might help to someone else, and sell out the items that are in decent condition and can easily earn you some quick bucks ahead of the move.

• Look after children & pets

Most of the time, the people that are highly affected by relocations are the young ones and our beloved pets. If you have children, and pets, make sure you give them the much-needed attention and look after their needs. Talk to your children and let them know they are moving to a new place where they will have new friends, a new school, and a new life. Also, speak to your vet to make the necessary preparation and make sure you carry their basics and medication along, in case you need them during the transit.

• Order essentials & pack

Even if you think you would hire professionals for your move and so, there is not much preparation needed in terms of collecting the packing materials, then you might be wrong. At times, there often is a need for additional packing materials in case one runs out of them in the middle of the packing process. So, make sure you collect the packing essentials at your place beforehand, this way you can pack some of your valuables and other stuff on your own, that you wish to.

• Clean your kitchen section

One of the most complicated sections of our homes is undoubtedly the pantry area, which houses innumerable stuff, tools, and appliances. Now when your moving date has already been finalized, and you know you are staying here for only a few more days, make sure you do not accumulate foodstuff in your kitchen and your refrigerator. Also, make sure you do not purchase any more food items for this short period. Decide the items you would pack and move, and keep aside the rest, these would be the items that would either be discarded and given away to people, who might bring them to their use. We would advise you to not pack the restricted items (things that might go rancid due to their preparation. Expired foods should be thrown away, and only the frozen and manufactured goods should be packed for the move. So, make sure you decide upon all that before the professionals arrive at your place.

• Finalize a professional mover

Now it is time for you to book the moving professionals for the assignment. Although you can book them early on, it is better if you fulfil a certain number of immediate tasks before you approach them, so they can reach your place and get into the packing task without any problem. To come across a relevant moving deal, compare quotations, read the terms and conditions thoroughly and check out reviews. Choose a plan that fits into your moving budget.

• Conduct a deep clean

This is for both your homes. Before leaving your old home, make sure you have packed everything and left a space free of dirt, dust, and any sort of unwanted smell. After all, your house would stay vacant for a while before new people come in. Also, try to do a deep cleaning of your new home too, before you step into the place to make sure you enjoy a pleasant moving experience in a fresh, new space. You can book house cleaning professionals before a move in, for that purpose.


If you are moving to a new city, a new setup, there are certain things to take care of. Not that following them would make your move effortless and successful, but the above-mentioned 8 points will make your relocation a bit, less stressful and more manageable. Also, if you book your moving professionals – the movers and packers in Manesar on time, and work upon a dedicated moving plan with a well decided moving budget, relocation would be fun and easy!