An Ultimate Checklist of Ideas to Prepare You for Your Next Move!

An Ultimate Checklist of Ideas to Prepare You for Your Next Move!

Relocations are challenging, and if you are planning to move to a new city, with all your goods and belongings, then you will have to look into things that can ease out your moving day stress. While many people consider relocations to be one of the most gruesome jobs ever, experts believe, if planned and executed well, relocation is like any other business assignment that can work out pretty fine! In addition to that, if you are too apprehensive, and feeling nervous about how you can manage it, do consider the below-mentioned packing and moving tips, ahead of your move, so you can handle it like a pro! And, along with that, all you would need to do is book your professional packing team from Agarwal Packers on time and let your move go easy and comfortable!

Organize, de-clutter, and discard

Ahead of your move, you should look deep into your home space, to assess the number of items that you have. From clothes to utensils, to appliances, to furniture, mementos to décor artwork – nearly any regular household has all these items in bulk, and therefore our spaces need to be looked into, to be sorted up and organized.

Once you know which items you are planning to move, you should organize a garage sale to get rid of the household articles you do not need. You will have an elongated list of items to be considered for sale because they are either new, and unused, or simply pretty decent in condition and therefore could help you earn some quick money ahead of your move.

• Be innovative with your packing

Effective and efficient packing requires thoughtfulness. Soon after you have decided upon your moving date, you should think of how well you can prepare your goods for the move, so that you can avoid unnecessary hassle and labour. For that, you can try out some creative measures to efficiently manage your inventory – gather an ample amount of protective packing materials (bubble wraps, packing paper, stretch wraps, and foam sheets) with you in advance. You will need them to pack your furniture, kitchen items, and appliances.

We would advise you to first finish off wrapping the complex household items, for example – all the odd-shaped items including utensils, ladder, study table, microwave stand, mementos, décor articles, racks, dressing table, mirror, and display boards are not only massive but also require expert handling during packing and moving. Dealing with these items on your own could be complicated, so you should refer to user manuals or seek help from online tutorials and videos. Else, if you have already appointed the packing experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers, you can let things go easy!

• Look after your clothing section

If you are worried about how you can manage to move the massive section of your clothing, then we would first advise you to sort out and de-clutter your space, so you can figure out closely, what all do you have and which are the ones are worth carrying to your new home. While you are organizing your clothes, collect as many trash bags or wardrobe bags so that there is no hassle of dealing with every clothing item. Grab a bunch of your hanging clothes from the wardrobe and put them in your garbage bag as it is, and tie the hangers/holds from the top with duct tape, or plastic wraps, or rubber bands or form loops out of multiple rounds of ribbons.

• Keep kitchen and washroom items to be packed at the end

Although you would already have wrapped up a majority of your household items, make sure you pack the basics of your kitchen – like refrigerator, stove, chimney, mixer, rudimentary spices, and condiments during the final days of your move because you will need all of them till the last day of your move. Similarly, pack your washroom supplies (toiletries and cleaning supplies) a couple of days ahead of your move. These items, too, take a lot of time to be inspected and packed, so make sure you keep some time in hand, for dealing with these items. Ideally, all your kitchen cutlery should be packed together in one carton with ample lining of packing paper and tops sealed with plastic stretch wraps, and then the top flap of the carton perfectly sealed. If you have leaky bottles and melting bathing bars, make sure you discard them. Only those bottles and bars that are fine in condition should be transported onto the moving carton.

These moving cartons would be heavier than other cartons, so make sure you club, like-sized cartons and boxes together and keep them aligned in the moving truck. Avoid making the boxes, too heavy or else it would be tough to move them.

• Label the moving cartons and packages

Once all your major packing responsibilities have been fulfilled and the final packages are ready to be loaded onto the moving vehicle, make sure all of them are clearly labelled and marked with the details – nature of the item – “fragile”, designated room name, or number – “drawing room” or “2” or the handling instructions – “this side up”, “handle with care”, etc. This would speed up your unpacking and re-arrangement process a lot, and you will be able to get back to the right things while organizing your home! This task can either be done by you or even the packing team that you would appoint for your moving task!


Relocation for almost all of us is all about better preparation and sufficient planning! Well, that is undeniably true. If you are proactively involved in your packing and moving day preparations, and have even hired the packing and moving specialists from Agarwal Movers and Packers – you are less likely to come across any unforeseen situation or shortfall, ahead of your move. But if you are unaware as to where you need to start, and what all things you should consider before your move, this comprehensive blog post would certainly come in handy!