7 Incredible Ways to Prepare for Your Next Interstate Move!

7 Incredible Ways to Prepare for Your Next Interstate Move!

Whether you are following your heart and planning to settle down in Pondicherry from Mumbai for your higher studies, or are simply shifting your home state for another to focus on your family business, there is one thing that you should be clear about – relocations is not easy and can never be a cakewalk! So, plan and prepare early on so you can tide over the relocation struggle with a happy heart and a relaxed mind. But, for that you would also need professional assistance from the packers and movers in Mumbai, because accept it or not, conducting a move alone is simply impossible and to ensure you enjoy a smooth transition into your new home, expert aid is a must.

In addition to that, there are few more things which, if considered with care can make your next interstate move, a great experience. Interested in knowing which are those? Stay tuned to this article and keep reading…

• Research about the best moving hacks

There are several ways of conducting a hassle-free move and of late, these relocation guidelines, these moving checklists, and moving guides have become popular. People do look around for stuff like that when they are planning for a move. And if you are also one of them, then there are few things that you should spend time researching about. For instance, you can find out the best ways of packing the different variety of household items you have or how you can safely remove, pack and move your electronics and appliances during a move; or is there a way to move clothes in their original condition during a relocation, etc., etc. Besides, you can even browse ways for a budget-friendly move or a DIY move, the essential packing supplies one has to have while preparing for a move, etc., etc. But, it is essential to spend time on these things before the move to be aware of how moves are and how can they be dealt with on a personal level.

• Seek professional assistance on time

The second most important thing is appointing the professional movers on time. There are countless options and spotting a genuine moving company offering a cost-effective moving plan could be a challenge. So, make sure to devote ample time to your research and do check out the websites of the shortlisted movers, and compare the quotations. The moving cost given to you should incorporate all the related costs like packing supplies cost, equipment cost, transportation cost, insurance cost, and handling cost. Agree to a deal if it ideally fits in your budget and resolves all your moving queries and fulfils your moving needs entirely.

• Create piles and drop things accordingly

Often in the moving day preparations, you would find yourself in a mess because of the countless stuff that lays scattered all around, without being packed. That’s okay. Since you have not been able to pay attention to the packing preparations on a serious note, you might feel somewhat crazy and confused. But now when you have accomplished all the major pre-moving responsibilities, (the ones we mentioned just above this point), you can get into the de-cluttering task at the earliest. Get rid of anything and everything that seems out of place and is unrequired. The key to a happy and budget-friendly move is moving with lesser items. To de-clutter your space in an orderly manner, form piles for goods that you want to donate, sell-out or dispose of.

• Begin preparation on your end

If you think you have the professionals’ support and that they would take care of the entire relocation, then you might be wrong. There is always something that you can work upon and when it comes to moving, you have an endless number of things including – resolving the due bills, completing the household errands, notifying people, and having the final discussion with your landlord.

• Look into your financial positioning

Once the professionals have been booked and you have gone through your entire range of household articles while packing some of your stuff, you will be able to figure out exactly how much load you are moving and approximately how much expenses your move would entail. Keeping in mind all the possible moving expenses, you can make alterations to the predefined moving budget that you created at the beginning of the move. Relocations are a costly affair, so you should avoid spending money blindly and be a cautious customer.

• Take snapshots of your space

Before you leave your old home, you will feel nostalgic, overwhelming, and happy at the same time but it is the pain that would overpower all of your other emotions. To keep a cheerful note of your time spent in this place, you can capture pictures of the home from different angles and do not miss out to click your favourite spots in the house – the study space, the open balcony, the sprawling terrace, the kitchen garden, your living room or your lawn area.

• Absorb the vibe of your new city, new place

After all the preparation, sleepless nights, busy schedules, and coordination amidst the struggling pre-moving time, you have finally been able to pull off your relocation just the way you wanted. So, pat yourself on your shoulder first before you think of what’s next. Well, there are no more challenges as such, but only a few things to be taken care of and certain tasks to be paid attention to. By and large, presently you would have two major tasks to look after – first, to unpack goods and take time to re-organize them, and secondly, going out to explore the new city, and build connections.


Interstate moves might seem to be easy but the degree of packing and preparation it calls for is as much as a foreign move requires. And in case you are relocating from Mumbai to Pondicherry and are unaware of how you can do that, make sure you hire the professional movers and packers in Mumbai and check out the relocation ideas we discussed above in this article to enjoy a fantastic move.