7 Brilliant Moving Ideas to Simplify your Next Short Distance Move!

You have an upcoming Lucknow to Delhi move scheduled in the next couple of months and all that you are thinking of right now is how can you manage the pre-move packing tasks and preparations all by yourself. You are simply not ready to book the packers and movers in Lucknow, the reason being; the distance is not too much and also, because hiring professional movers is an expensive affair. Since all of this could be an added hassle to your already complicated moving plan, you want to manage your move alone.


Well, then we are here to clear the air a bit more and help you dive through the situation in a stress-free manner – starting from – hiring moving experts is not at all a costly matter, after all, you need to take care of your valuable belongings throughout the move. Even if you skip booking moving professionals, you will have to hire local packers who will never you of the wellbeing assurance of your goods due to their lack of expertise and authenticity. So, be smart, be informed, and decide sensibly. Never think of the moving experts as an additional cost because assisting customers to enjoy a comfortable move is their trade and they would promise utmost safety and security of your goods during the move.

Once you think through and arrive at a decision, finalize a moving date with the movers once you have reviewed everything carefully. Next, you can simply refer to the 7 wonderful ideas we are discussing below to enjoy every bit of your upcoming move.

• Do not overlook the importance of packing – Most of the time, we assume that moving locally or a short distance doesn’t call for preparations just like long-distance moves do. But, that is simply not the truth. Regardless of the distance, you are moving; you have to be careful about the safety and security of your precious belongings. Transit journeys are anyway full of disturbances – jerks and jolts and so packing should be on point. You might have decided upon hiring moving experts, but that does not mean you cannot pack your goods yourself. You can pack the fragile objects on your own.

• Begin by packing the least used rooms/stuff – Well, we understand that moving to a nearby location does not seem to be that stressful for obvious reasons, but that should not stop us from doing our packing tasks carefully. You can start the packing task from any of your choicest rooms – a room that comprises of items you would not need before the moving day can be packed first, or any other rarely used rooms like the storeroom, basement, garage, etc. can be dealt first. When you are packing stuff from these spaces, opt for time-saving packing techniques so you do not end up stressed out and confused.

• Leave the complicated spaces for the last – Ideally, or say, in most cases, the least used rooms in our household also happen to be the most challenging ones – just as we mentioned in the previous point – our backyard, the storeroom, etc. – might be the rarely used rooms in our homes but tackling them alone could be a hectic job ahead of a move. So, you can let the moving professionals take care of those rooms, meanwhile, you take care of the rest of the intricate spaces – the kitchen, the kids’ section in the kids’ room, the study, the library, etc.

• Do not remove everything from their places – One brilliant moving hack that would not just save your time but even hassle and headache is not emptying every possible storage space in your house – for example – the cupboards in the bedroom, the cabinets in your living room, the mini wooden library shelves in your study room – because with appropriate techniques, these furniture articles can be packed and moved as they are. That is, you can easily do without emptying the contents within these spaces because they can be packed as storage cartons. Isn’t it a great idea?

• Decide on time-saving packing techniques – Once you are done with the idea we shared right above, you must also lookout for some quick packing tips and tricks as well that can manage your pre-move time well. We know you are not very keen to pack everything overly owing to your short distance move and is neither willing to spend much time on the packing chores, but you can check out some quick packing and moving tips and tricks so you can fulfill all the left-out packing tasks quickly. But make sure you cautiously handle things so there is no breakage or mishap.

• Have friends join you for the packing tasks – Calling your friends over to help you out in your packing task is not always about delegating some major responsibility before the move, it is also about having a good time with your dearest friends before the move. Even if you have a group of four great friends, you can accomplish your packing task that much quicker and the best part is, you can enjoy and have a good time during the task. In the evening, you can take a break with them and relish some good food and snack so they also feel happy and you too get a chance to appreciate them for their daylong efforts.

• Prepare a smart moving budget on time – There are hundreds of things that go into making a move seamless and great. Of course, planning is the foremost pillar in executing any move successfully but budgeting for the move is equally important. So, make sure you do not skip addressing this step in your moving planner at the earliest. Evaluate your moving finances; see how much you can afford to spend for the additional moving costs and impromptu expenses throughout the move so you can pull off this project without any kind of financial deficit!

If you think moving a short distance is nothing more than a day of struggle, we advise you to think again. Even local moves and short-distance moves can take a toss on you if you are not prepared well. Book the movers and packers in Lucknow on time and refer to these convenient moving tips to enjoy a happy move from Lucknow to Delhi!