5 Things to Know While Creating a Moving Binder For Your Relocation!

5 Things to Know While Creating a Moving Binder For Your Relocation!

Are you planning a relocation from Mumbai to Pondicherry? Are all the arrangements done, and the moving plan in place? It is a fact that merely having a moving day planner, a fantastic moving day checklist, or a comprehensive moving guide won’t be of much help until we have a moving day binder with us. While some people believe it does not make any difference but the truth is, it does make a huge difference. And in case you are struggling over the thought of whether you should have one for your next move, then here is some help! But, before you scroll down and know more about how why you need to have one and how you can formulate one in few simple steps, we would ask you to book the professional packers and movers in Mumbai, before you focus on this and put in all your energies into the job.

Why you need a moving binder?

One simple answer to this question would be ‘to make your move happen smoothly and quickly’ – though we cannot stress the latter part of the assertion having a moving binder helps in making the move a lot more effortless and organized. And if you are planning for a move, and have already hired the professionals for the task, you should quickly prepare yourself a moving binder to keep your relocation progress in check and also to ease out the moving day stress by keeping the calendar, moving budget, and all the crucial things handy. Most people also keep their identity proofs and other paperwork in this one folder only and use it as their document folder that comprises all the valid proofs, copies of payment receipts, numbers of real estate brokers, property dealers, and employment documents.

Ways to create your moving day folder/binder

It is never too late to prepare a moving binder. Now when you have realized the importance of having one in your relocation planner, here is how you can create one for the purpose. Binder folders are readily available online and you can even get one from the nearby local shop if you have time. Choose the right size of moving binder and bring it to use. You can insert colorful sheets or name labels at separate intervals to keep records and maintain the details of the different events. You can also use dividers too and stick colorful notes atop the corner of the page. Do not suffocate the entire binder with your checklist, inventory, planner, and contact list, leave some space to store personal documents as well. Moving binders might sound like a boring concept but it is very useful and you can add a dash of interest into that with colorful stickers, name slips, and clear texts written in colorful markers.

Things to incorporate in your binder

Several things comprise a moving folder. There are checklists, printable lists, inventory, budget plans, floor blueprints, agreement papers, and all the other essential receipts of your billing contracts. And not every document comes first when you think of their priority so arrange all the papers as and when you would need them during the move. There has to be order – for instance, you can maintain a checklist for each of your rooms, every room would have a separate inventory list. If you are also incorporating the moving expenses alongside the moving articles, you will have another list to keep in this folder. Also, there is one more thing that you should keep in mind which is – your moving binder should be sorted and organized in a way that anybody going through it can figure out where and how things have been listed and exactly where they would find what they are looking for. Ideally, some of the sections that should be there in the binder include your schedules and notes you made initially, the ideas, strategy and set up a plan you had in mind, the to-be-sold and to-be-bought lists, contact list and important phone numbers, moving details, quotes, prices, quotations and copies of agreement papers, storage checklist, etc.

Some incorporations you can make in the binder

One thing has to be made clear. These binders are not just curated for relocation purposes. In simple language, these binders are a form of organizers that keeps your tasks and activities in order, which means you can use them for as many things, in as many situations as possible. From building homes to getting your vehicle insurance done, to maintaining the record of your child’s academics and activities, to keeping accounts of your loan and banking tasks – your moving binder could incorporate different tabs for every purpose. One folder can keep documents for more than one idea too and that is completely fine.

What else can you do?

If you are running short on time, you might not be intrigued by the idea of moving a binder that factually maintains your records and documents (in a concrete way). But you can explore the various options of maintaining moving binders through virtual means. Several ways can help you to upkeep all your moving day tasks and documents in order. Not only for relocations, these online applications or software can also be used to keep things well organized otherwise too and life can undoubtedly be a lot easy and run smoothly. Some of the popular apps that can keep track of your to-do tasks include Evernote, Google Keep, Home Inventory, Task Rabbit, Sortly, etc.


Planning for a move involves quite a lot of things. Not every task is possible to be taken care of alone and you need the experts’ assistance from movers and packers in Mumbaifor that, but there is one thing that you can work out in the best way on your own,which is your moving day binder. Even if it does not seem to be that worthwhile, but once you create one, incorporating the above-mentioned ideas, you are going to love it to the best. So, make your binder soon and get ready to have a great moving time!