12 Amazing Tips to Design Your Next Great Relocation Plan!

12 Amazing Tips to Design Your Next Great Relocation Plan!

Are you planning a move from Kolkata to Punjab, in a few months? Would you mind if we share some moving tips and ideas with you before you get into the roller-coaster ride? Of course, not! We know you would love to go through our moving checklist and planner, but ahead of that, we would advise you to book the packers and movers in Kolkata, so you can enjoy every bit of your move!

Once you are done with that, take some time to read our blog post, where we have talked about how these relocation resources and tips can make your next move fun and stress-free!

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• Schedule your timeline – Time is money and the more you manage it well, the better it remains for you. So, soon after your moving decision gets a green signal from everyone in your family, start working on it. First, slot your time sensibly so you can easily take care of both – the sorting and packing, and managing the essential chores and last-minute duties.

• Sit and plan everything – Just the way you scheduled everything – all important tasks with collective opinions from your family, prepare the events and individual tasks each one of you would handle. For instance, you can discuss sharing the packing responsibility with other members of your family, this way the task would happen quickly. Also, do not forget to discuss and plan your budget and keep some extra funds with you to resolve emergencies.

• De-clutter and organize – You can refer to this as one of the most time-consuming tasks because you literally need to assess every single item in your place – from the artworks to the furniture, to the clothes and stationery – and this whole project would take time. So, start early and keep multiple trash bags handy when you are sorting stuff so you can pile up unwanted things right away and tackle them when you have time.

• Start with budgeting – Just like we mentioned in one of the previous points, you need to prepare your budget with utmost planning and for that, getting a clear idea about your moving expenses and additional costs from the movers is very important. Only then you can effectively plan your finances and decide how much you shall be spending throughout the move.

• Know your moving criteria – By this term, we refer to the services and type of move you are willing to make. Once you know the kind of move, the distance, cost, and other things you are expecting out of your move, it will be easier for you to shortlist and select the right moving plan for you. Do not forget to review everything given over the website, especially the terms and conditions and services range.

• Perform all pre-move duties – When it comes to your pre-moving duties and tasks, we would advise you to begin early because you never know which job would take a significant time out of your schedule and you shall not be left with scope to focus on other crucial tasks. So, note down everything that you need to address – from purchasing essentials to notifying authorities, to calling up service providers, to mailing employers and colleagues, etc.

• Communicate with experts – Although you would have communicated everything about your move with the moving professionals at the time you called them, you should have a face-to-face discussion with them about the agreement. This way, they will get to provide you with a realistic moving estimate and provide you with an exact cost after conducting a detailed in-house survey of your goods.

• Proceed only after survey – One more thing to look into is whether the moving team is providing you with the facility of an in-house survey of goods. Because trusting a company’s quotations purely on the basis of telephonic conversation make no sense. If due to the on-going scenario, the moving company insists to run a virtual survey, you can breathe easily because this entire process is carried out by professionals so there are hardly any chances of discrepancy.

• Prepare and safeguard data – Often in the hustle and bustle of packing, we forget to protect our personal data from desktops and other devices, but no one can be sure of what is going to happen next. Relocations too involve a lot of uncertainty, so it is better to keep the possessions and personal data secured.

• Make the required purchases – You can never miss out to do the last-minute purchases pertaining to your move – whether it is about buying essentials for your overnight kit or buying instant food preparations for the moving journey.

• Talk to the new and old owner – If you have not yet been informed about your move to your present landlord and neither have you notified the owner of your new home, do those before you leave the place. Your current homeowner might insist to come over for an inspection of the property and to see if it is fine or there is a need for maintenance and repair. All of this would be quite a bit of your pre-moving task that would need your time and attention. So, make sure you have that in place.

• Keep calm and go as planned – On the last day, you should simply make sure to keep yourself composed and not surrounded by unnecessary stress. Otherwise, you might miss out to attend your priority tasks at hand. Keep the moving pan and inventory with you because you will need them to keep track of your belongings. Take a walk-through and check every room and space before handing over the keys to the landlord.

Who doesn’t love enjoying a comfortable moving experience? Everybody does and that is what makes all these relocation guides and moving checklists popular and worthwhile among customers. If you are planning a house move shortly, and are a bit nervous about the same, our relocation tips and assistance from the movers and packers in Kolkata are definitely going to help you!

So, what are you waiting for? Do share this with those in your circle and let them also enjoy relocations just the way you did!