10 Hands-on Relocation Ideas for Moving to A New State!

10 Hands-on Relocation Ideas for Moving to A New State!

If you are moving from Chandigarh to Jabalpur for an upcoming business deal, and a meeting and you wish to make it your permanent place of stay because of the opportunities the new city opens to you, then well, that could be great fun! Moving to a city is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, and now when you have to be there with all your household stuff, there has to be some planning and preparation around the same. Well, you must have heard about the professional packers and movers in Chandigarh, that you can book ahead of your move, and then, we are sharing some amazing and practical moving tips that you can consider to enjoy a successful moving journey!

So, when you are already up for a change, and all you need is some great guidance, you can check out these tried-and-tested packing and moving ideas and have fun, moving!

• Introspect and ascertain things

Nobody can shoulder the massive responsibility of house move all alone, they need guidance and support. So, to proceed with your relocation plan, make sure to inspect all the crucial aspects to see if they are all in place – from your moving budget to the moving plan. Delve deeper to decide how you would want your move to take place, the estimated time of your move, the goods that you want extra care and protection for, etc.

• Prepare essentials beforehand

Once you have gathered the needful information about the new city, the people, the rules and regulations, the culture, lifestyle and also made yourself aware of how you can make things simple and sorted for you, you will be confident about your moving project. Moving to a foreign land does make you nervous and if you are well aware of a few things before you step into the new city, you will be able to manage any type of urgency or challenge that you come across in the initial days.

• Drop mails to notify people

Have you accomplished sending mails to your employer, colleagues, relatives, and friends? Even if you have informed them of the same verbally, you must send out personal emails to notify them of your address change and provide them with your new contact information so they can stay in touch, and updated about this variation.

• Call up the service providers

So, it’s about 15-20 days to reach your final moving day and therefore, an ideal time to notify your essential service providers about your upcoming move, so your connections can be reinstated into your new home before you step in. So, inform the utility companies – power and water boards, internet and cable service providers, gas operator, etc. on time.

• Finalize new home and pay a visit

If you feel like and think it would help, you can take some time out of your schedule to visit the place you are moving to, early on, at least once. Though most people explore these solely over the internet to have an idea of where the landmarks are and what the locality looks like and stuff like that. But if you visit the place, you can explore the neighborhood and the amenities even closely.

• Purge the unnecessary and pack

Now comes the task of packing your household stuff for the move. Well, this is one of the most dreaded tasks when planning relocations, but you can make it easy by getting rid of the extra, unnecessary stuff and packing only the needful ones. Once you go through every item, decide quickly about the essentials and discard the rest. Pack the expensive items in your household on your own, without handing them to the moving team.

• Prepare a folder for your paperwork

To enjoy a smooth relocation experience, one needs to have a few important things in place, and one such thing is the document folder with the necessary papers and proofs. So, curate a compact folder that gathers everything in one place – from copies of your house papers, birth and marriage certificates, transfer certificates of your children, license, passport, visa, insurance papers, passport size photographs of you and the family members, and agreement papers.

• Pick up a reliable moving team

Relocation can never be accomplished without the moving experts on board. So, once you are done fulfilling the major pre-moving tasks, and along with a little bit of packing, make sure you hire the moving professionals on time. Do good research and compare quotations. Ensure that the moving deal you choose is within your budget and your moving requirements are acknowledged to be addressed by the professionals ahead of the move.

• Organize a goodbye party

This usually remains the last thing on our minds but holds much importance especially when we are leaving our circle of friends and moving long distances. So, make sure your relocation schedule is planned in a manner that leaves you enough time to plan and prepare for a nice, get-together with all your near and dear ones – your neighbours, colleagues, and friends. Enjoy, have good food, talk to them and say a heartfelt goodbye!

• Build connections and explore

Once you have moved into your new home, you will need some time to open up and adjust yourself to the new surroundings and people. Well, the best one can do to make use of their initial period of moving in is by making connections. The more and the early you and your family members invest time in exploring the new society, meeting new people, the early you will overcome the stress!


Truth is that relocations are intensively challenging. No matter how much excitement they instil within, you cannot overlook the stress, and list of cumbersome tasks it brings along! So, if you have thought to plan a relocation, and are shifting from Chandigarh to Jabalpur, make sure you hire the movers and packers in Chandigarh, on time! Apart from that, also do check out the tips we shared in this article, to enjoy a smooth transition from your old home to the new one!